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If you like slot machines, you’ve come to the right place. pokiezcasino online casino gives you an undeniable advantage over stone casinos – it’s free to play without investing a single crown. When playing for free the slot machine environment is identical to playing for real money.

Pokiez Casino is an online casino with an Australian license

Pokiez Casino has opened the most popular online casino on the market. The advantage is the same rich offer of games and the same dense network of stone branches where you can bet on sports or lotteries.

In late 2017, Pokiez Casino received a license to operate casino games based on the so-called New Lottery Act . Pokiez Casino website – you’ll find a “Vegas” tab next to the betting odds. Pokiez Casino is home to more than 270 slot machines online – from retro three-reel to modern games with the best graphics, storyline and high returns .

Pokiez Casino is divided into 2 parts, or divisions, that operate in Australia.

  • Betting odds
  • Casino

Bonuses and promotions at Pokiez Casino

Many players claim Pokiez Casino specializes in online casinos, and we agree. Pokiez Casino offers a great opening bonus of $25,000 . The minimum deposit is $100, which you can pay in a variety of ways, including, for example, bitcoins or PayPal .

What are the conditions for receiving the $25,000 bonus?

  • The bonus applies to the 1st deposit into the player’s Pokiez Casino account.
  • Conditions for payment of the bonus – a spin of 30%.
  • Slot machine play contributes 100% to the spin conditions, roulette – 30%.
  • The term of the conditions is 30 days – after this period, the bonus and all bonus winnings will be canceled.
  • Bonus conditions are fulfilled in all games.

Pokiez Casino is giving away an additional $200 for completing the registration in the identity verification form. It’s really easy nowadays because you don’t have to go to a branch. You can fill out your identity online from the comfort of your home.

Play the Pokiez Casino mobile app

You can access Pokiez Casino the standard way from your desktop or laptop, or you can play your favorite slot machine from your cell phone, for example. Owners of peripheral operating systems Windows Mobile or BlackBerry Chance offers their mobile web interface at Pokiez Casino.

However, the best way to enjoy your favorite game is to use the Pokiez Casino mobile app. You can download the mobile app for iOS from the Apple Store or for Android from Google Play.

Advantages of Pokiez Casino mobile app:

  • Fast access to all casino games
  • All casino features are available, as well as betting, analysis and ticketing arena – just like on your computer
  • Payouts and deposits are easy – “one click”
  • All settings under control
  • Complete and up-to-date exchange rate offer always at your fingertips

Easy registration at Pokiez Casino

Almost everyone can register at Pokiez Casino completely online, from the comfort of your home or office. All you have to do is use online banking, which means you no longer have to physically go to a branch and you can confirm your identity online. Since you only have 30 days to confirm your identity, we recommend that you complete your registration without delay.

How do I register online at Pokiez Casino?

  • Fill in the registration form
  • Once you are logged in, select “Confirm my Identity”.
  • Choose your bank and log in to int.
  • confirm your identity + confirm your email address

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