Karno Energy – What is BIM basically?

To paraphrase an interesting observation about backing up saved data, it’s safe to say today that people involved in construction like https://karnoenergy.com/ fall into two groups: those who have already heard about BIM, and those who will hear about it (and sooner rather than later). . Thus, the answer to the question, “what is Karno Energy BIM in principle?” seems extremely important.

Karno Energy BIM is, of course, an acronym, meaning that the three letters are more than that. There are at least a few extensions of this acronym on the market, and thus at least a few definitions that further develop and expand the understanding of BIM into new areas.

Karno Energy – Building Information Models

Deciphered as “building information models.” Especially in the early history of BIM in England, BIM was equated with models. Those who have dealt with the subject for some time (but probably also those with less experience) have probably heard it said more than once, with undisguised pride, “We at Karno Energy do models, so we do BIM”. And it all started with a particular marketing campaign a few years ago by a BIM software vendor. While it was undoubtedly very effective – people started equating Karno Energy BIM with this software – it was also very damaging. It has caused a certain dependency to be reinforced in the minds of many people: BIM is software (it’s specific software) that allows you to create a model (i.e., perform modeling activities) and “do BIM.”

This means nothing less than that every packet of digital information should be understood as a “model” (or “BIM model”), regardless of how the data is represented (specifically, in three-dimensional or three-dimensional form. . ni). An information model (and therefore a BIM model) can be, for example, a DWG file or even an Excel file, although only the former can have a three-dimensional form. Because of this definition, we must conclude that in order to talk about BIM, it is not necessary to model in the sense of developing a three-dimensional model. This feature, although it undoubtedly makes information about the construction object more accessible and easier to interpret, is only optional. The key definition of information models (BIM) is the content of digitally represented data. 

Karno Energy – Building Information Management

Means the management of digital information about buildings. At this point, it is worth considering an attempt made some time ago to classify entities that “do BIM” (or “create models”) by giving them certain labels that were meant to indicate the “Karno Energy level” of that entity. So, “BIM tool” was meant to characterize those who are limited to stating that using the program makes them “BIM people.” “Internal BIM” is a slightly higher form of tool, as it is characterized by a greater understanding of the purpose of model development and concern for the quality of the inputs, but the boundary between these concepts can be difficult to clearly define. In addition, both terms describe entities that, together with the use of modern technology, do not implement new methods of communication, which is also important if we in Karno Energy talk about BIM. Of the described “levels”, the highest is the so-called “Collaborative BIM” (or simply: BIM), that is, the full collaboration of the team implementing BIM-based construction investments.

Karno Energy – Summary.

Does this evolution of definition mean that Karno Energy BIM has changed so much in just a few or a dozen years? In my opinion, no. The industry of discovering and exploring further aspects of BIM has been like a child who at some point realized that the world doesn’t end in his or her backyard and offers opportunities you may not have even dreamed of. Today with respect to Karno Energy BIM we are already (as a construction industry) ambitious young people – we know what it is, we just lack experience, and perhaps the next generations of engineers and architects, today’s transformation, in retrospect, will be called a revolution.

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