Rich Casino Online: Register safely

See for yourself that there are many reasons to try rich caino online . Not only is it one of the best casinos, which means that it can afford to pay very high bonuses and big prizes, but it also provides a safe and quick signup process. You can register at Rich Casino completely online , without getting up from your computer.

You can now manage the registration process, including identity checks, via your online banking site. You can do all tasks online, and in total comfort, so you can immediately collect fruit on the slot machines or dial lucky numbers on the roulette screens.

Online Registration Rich Casino – Procedure

Signing up is really very easy. If you want to bet online, you need online banking. Part of the registration process is verifying your identity, which automatically gives you extra bonuses.

  • fill out the registration form
  • After authorization choose “Confirm personal information”.
  • add an extra $300 bonus
  • choose your bank and log in to int.
  • confirm your identity
  • you will once again confirm in an e-mail confirmation that will come
  • you can play, and in addition, you are eligible for a $5,000 bonus.

Rich Casino – Payment Methods

At Rich Casino you can use the following payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.


  • bank transfer
  • Card payment (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Paysafe card
  • PayU
  • Mobile payments

Minimum deposit – $10

Maximum deposit – $5000


  • bank transfer
  • Cash withdrawal at the point of sale

Minimum withdrawal – $10 ($5000 at the point of sale)

Maximum withdrawal – unlimited

If you have not yet completed a full registration with Rich Casino, the maximum deposit is limited to $3,000. You then have 30 days to complete the full registration, and if you don’t complete the registration within that period, Rich Casino will cancel your account -> all funds will be refunded to you.

Clear Rich Casino’s mobile app

Although Rich Casino’s mobile app is not designed directly for slot machines, you can manage most of Rich Casino’s top jackpot sweepstakes. Not only is the Rich Casino mobile app very easy to use, but you’ll also find the nearest Rich Casino terminal or guide to individual games and lotteries.

What can I find in the Rich Casino mobile app?

We’ve compiled a list of services you can use in the Rich Casino app – to keep everything at your fingertips and save you time.

  • Online Betting on Select Rich Casino Games – In the app menu, you’ll see available lotteries that you can bet on right from your cell phone. In the taskbar, select the icon of one of the offered lotteries. After tapping, you will move to the menu of the specific game. In the upper right corner is your account icon, where you will find full settings.
  • Save bets and favorite bets – The Rich Casino app automatically saves all of your realized bets for you, and you can also download any others by clicking on the “add bet” box
  • Check bet – after going to the menu of a particular lottery, the main panel will display the last numbers that fell out. Another tab is the table of winnings, where you will see the amounts of winnings from all moves and possible jackpots. A relatively new feature is the ability to check older results, where you select the desired drawing day in the attached calendar.
  • Rich Casino’s closest selling point – With this service, he will always know where the nearest Rich Casino branch to bet on your favorite lottery is located. The app passes over 8,000 Rich Casino lottery picks. When location services are enabled on your cell phone, the app simply targets your location and instantly recommends the shortest distance.

Rich Casino – Authority and Stability

The last and, for some, perhaps the most important factor why you should choose Rich Casino is reliability and stability, which, among other things, is based on Rich Casino’s more than 60 years of tradition in the Australian market. It’s no secret that Rich Casino is among the world’s highest rated lottery associations around the world.

In addition, Rich Casino has received a number of certifications that only 1/3 of the world’s lottery companies can boast, and is the only one in Australia with such a certification. For the above reasons, we can more than recommend registering with Rich Casino from a security perspective.

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